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Am I The Only One?

Thursday, September 30, 2004

The Cure for the TV Addict

If they merely played that debate on all channels for a few days, we would have no more TV addicts.

Hear Me Roar

It's not every day that I get an email imploring me to "POST MORE!", but today I got one from the lovely Lioness. She also reminded me that I have a newborn son, a fact which is certainly obvious in my home life but admittedly absent from my bloglife. So more on that to come, I suppose.

And make sure to check out The Lioness's blog. She's recently discovered that her site is #15 on Technorati.com if you do a search on the word 'p o r n' (without the spaces). Does the search engine know something we do not?

Terror Alert 'Orange': John Kerry's New Tan

Although I still haven't made up my mind in this election, if John Kerry's new spray-on tan is as orange as is rumored then he may be making my choice easier. But let's face it, neither of these two candidates is likely to invoke the breathless swooning that Bill Clinton did, so we're going to have to stick to the issues. If any issues are actually discussed.

Why is it so politically difficult for a candidate -- any candidate -- to propose an actual plan for healthcare or the environment? It's difficult to say you are the "environmental president" when you are doing little to nothing for the environment. The first candidate to propose mandatory reductions in emissions and improvements to our national parks will likely get my vote -- even if he has the skin-tone of an oompah-woomah.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Reckless Endangerment is My Middle Name

I almost hit three women with my car on the way to work today. Not just one, but three beautiful, wealthy, surgically-perfected young sirens who were out for a run on a busy street near my work. They can thank their own screaming for their new lease on life.

Honestly, I'm not a rebel. I stop at red lights, I watch for small children, and I generally don't mow down beautiful women with my car. Heck, I swerve to avoid the bowsers, too. But today I was in a hurry, and when I started to take a right on a red while still checking traffic from the left, I heard several loud screams and curses. I stabbed my foot down on the brake, and there in front of my car were three doe-eyed young women in tiny shorts and inadequate brassieres.

Now in my defense, the intersection has poor sightlines for oncoming traffic, and the young women did run in front of my car during a Don't Walk signal. But the pedestrian always has the right-of-way, and I'm sure I'd have been leaving the scene in handcuffs had I not been blessed with video-game-enhanced reaction times.

And yes, as they ran off after cheating death, I did check out their posteriors. One must appreciate beauty in the midst of chaos.

Monday, September 20, 2004


To borrow a line from Erin Brockovich: Do they teach journalists how to apologize over at CBS? Because they sure do suck at it.

It's been a few weeks since we all watched Dan Rather gleefully hop around with his supposedly incriminating documents like a schoolyard bully who just found someone else's $20 bill. It was a confirmation of what many have known for years: that CBS News is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the left. Move over, CNN. And give a wave to your counterpart on the right, Fox News.

Seeing Rathergate play out on the Internet has reminded me of a scene from The Insiders. Near the end of the movie, there is a moment when CBS news has to decide whether or not to air a 60 Minutes story which, according to CBS corporate lawyers, might open CBS up to a lawsuit from Big Tobacco. One character, a true believer in the lily-white pureness of journalistic ethics, widens his eyes and exclaims, "Do you mean to tell me that CBS Corporate is telling CBS News what is news?!"

I collapsed on the floor in laughter. Could there actually have been someone so naive, so brainwashed by journalism school as to think that news desks were any different than any other company? Did they think for one second that CBS would air a story detailing (hypothetically, here) how advertising dollars would be better spent at a competing network?

Ann Althouse has a terrific take on Dan Rather's somewhat Clinton-esque "apology". It reminded me of a friend of mine who, many years ago, did some very stupid things which he felt complelled to apologize for, but being the stubborn and defensive person that he is, ended up saying something like "If what I did caused you to feel hurt, then I'm sorry for how you feel." It's a cover-your-ass cop-out apology.

I learned many years ago (from a roommate, actually) that when you are wrong, you are the bigger person if you own up and own up big. Have you ever thought less of someone who said, "Wow, I completely blew that one. I was wrong, and I am SO sorry."

You're not fooling anyone with this one, Dan.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Watch This Space

Yes, Nevermore is still here. I've been blogging, but just not finishing and therefore not publishing. I must have a "get it done" night soon and finish my entries so I'm caught up.

Thanks to you folks for the recent emails, by the way. I love hearing from you, so keep them coming to nevermore68 -at- yahoo.com, or use the Comments sections provided.

Friday, September 03, 2004

RNC Sticks the Landing

About a month ago, I declared that John Kerry was going to be the next U.S. President. At the time, he looked cool and composed, and all he really had to do was sit back and let the war and the economy overtake Bush. Well, after watching his stammering post-RNC speech, I am officially recinding that statement. Following Bush's well-prepared and very presidential speech at the close of the RNC, Kerry's confused midnight rebuttal may have hurt him more than help. Note to the Dems: Allow the other guy the courtesy of his night -- and use the time to decide what you are going to say.

RNC Coverage From NPR: Remember NPR's coverage of the DNC? Days of polite soapboxing for the Dems, unpeturbed by opposing views. Even the call-in show hosts were cutting off Kerry critics with something like "this is the Dem's time to have their say, the Reps will be next month." I heard one Democratic guest actually laugh at a caller with an opposing viewpoint after he hung up. So it was with great interest that I've awaited what will certainly be fair treatment of the Republicans during the RNC.

Well, I hope you didn't hold your breath. Listeners soon discovered that when NPR says, "We will do the same during the RNC", they mean it: that is, continued Democratic guests (to provide an opposing view) laughing at Republican callers and repeating phrases from Kerry stump speeches. At least NPR is predictable. Bias: Extreme Left.