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Am I The Only One?

Friday, September 03, 2004

RNC Sticks the Landing

About a month ago, I declared that John Kerry was going to be the next U.S. President. At the time, he looked cool and composed, and all he really had to do was sit back and let the war and the economy overtake Bush. Well, after watching his stammering post-RNC speech, I am officially recinding that statement. Following Bush's well-prepared and very presidential speech at the close of the RNC, Kerry's confused midnight rebuttal may have hurt him more than help. Note to the Dems: Allow the other guy the courtesy of his night -- and use the time to decide what you are going to say.

RNC Coverage From NPR: Remember NPR's coverage of the DNC? Days of polite soapboxing for the Dems, unpeturbed by opposing views. Even the call-in show hosts were cutting off Kerry critics with something like "this is the Dem's time to have their say, the Reps will be next month." I heard one Democratic guest actually laugh at a caller with an opposing viewpoint after he hung up. So it was with great interest that I've awaited what will certainly be fair treatment of the Republicans during the RNC.

Well, I hope you didn't hold your breath. Listeners soon discovered that when NPR says, "We will do the same during the RNC", they mean it: that is, continued Democratic guests (to provide an opposing view) laughing at Republican callers and repeating phrases from Kerry stump speeches. At least NPR is predictable. Bias: Extreme Left.


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