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Am I The Only One?

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


I simply have to do better than blogging every 10 days. Today, just a quickie from my world.

Best Political Bumpersticker: "Kerry / Edwards: With this much crap, no wonder they need 2 Johns."

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Bush in the Lead

The new poll is in, and it appears that Kerry's apparent victories in the debates did not gain him enough (if any) ground among undecided voters. Of course, the Clinton News Network (CNN) story tries to bury the pill, first by using a headline about the race "tightening", then leading with the statistically-insignificant 3% Bush lead before finally getting to the real numbers -- a statistically-significant Bush lead among likely voters. They just can't stand the results of their own poll.

Kerry: Vaccine Shortage is Bush's Fault

Breaking News: President Bush is now a pharmacist, apparently, according to John Kerry who blamed Bush for the vaccination shortage [San Francisco Chronicle story]. There's really nothing to add to this story; the accusation is so stupid that it speaks for itself.

Note to Mr. Kerry: This silliness is NOT what this undecided swing-state voter needs to hear from you.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Can We Count On Your Support?

"Good evening, Mr. Nevermore. I'm calling on behalf of the Democratic National Committee, and we want to make sure that John Kerry can count on your vote."

"I see. Why should I vote for him?"

"John Kerry supports the core beliefs of the American people, like improved environmental standards and healthcare."

"Great! Me too. What about gun control, abortion, and the war?"

"Let me assure you, Mr. Nevermore, that John Kerry is in favor of gun control and a woman's right to choose. And of course, you've heard his positions on the war in Iraq."

"Hmmm. I'm against gun control because it only puts the guns in the hands of the criminals, and I'm Pro Life because nobody on the planet has ever been able to explain how the fetus is not a human. And while I'm against the war in Iraq, I support the President's ability to make that call."


"But haven't you voted Democrat in national elections before?"

"Sure, absolutely!"

"Then can we count on your vote in November?"

Sigh. Such is the life of an undecided voter in the most imporant district of the most important swing state in the country. Neither candidate has found the sweet spot on the issues.

Billy Corgan's New Album

Billy Corgan is recording a new solo album, slated for a spring release. Everything this guy touches is incredible, so I'm psyched. Check out Billy Corgan's blog for the latest info.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Parent Trap

She walked down the hallway toward me with an apprehensive look in her eye. "Did find what we needed at the drugstore?" she asked.

"Yep," I said, holding up the bag. I set down my car keys and took of my coat as I approached her.

"OK," she said with a thin smile. "I've never done this before, so I need you to tell me what to do. And be very gentle."

"I will, I promise. Do you have the K-Y?"

She handed it to me with a nervous twitch. "I gathered a bunch of towels together in case it gets messy," she said.

"Well, it looks like we're ready then." We laughed nervously and pumped our fists and tried to psyche each other up for what we were about to do.

And with that, my wife and I were finally prepared to give an enema to our 2-year-old, who hadn't gone #2 in almost a week.

Monday, October 04, 2004


Congratulations to Burt Ratan and all the folks at Scaled Composites for winning the X-Prize! This is hardly news, as anyone who was alive a breathing today saw coverage of the event on TV. But this blogger is one of the millions of 70's kids that thought that we might just be alive long enough to see the days of "one ticket to outer space, please". Is it possible that in the next 20 years, a moon visit will be as safe as an airplane ride is today -- and almost as affordable?

Random Sample From NPR: Very good, informative piece on missile defense systems. Heavy on the technology talk, light on the politics. NPR with a nice spit-shine. Bias: none.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

All the Best, Spaceship One!

Burt Ratan and his Scaled Composites crew is getting ready to snag the Ansari X-Prize on Monday morning. True, this is an event that borders on tech-geek-chic, but like all high tech breakthroughs, the implications of this milestone are already starting to filter through society.

Space tourism? Already in the works. Virgin Atlantic airlines has contracted Scaled Composites to build the first fleet of commercial spaceships, known as Virgin Galactic. Construction of the first spaceship, named (what else?) VSS Enterprise, will begin next year.