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Am I The Only One?

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Survivor Cook Islands: Jonathan Still Alive

I don't think I've blogged about Survivor since Chris won Vanuatu, -- an entry so brilliant that it elicited comments with the phrases "mind blowing" and "I love you", but (ahem) I digress -- but there's just so much going on on the Cook Islands that I feel like a school girl at a sleepover with hot gossip about the latest boy band.

First of all, the blogosphere is filled with venom for Jonathan. "No one likes a mercenary" says TvSquad.com, but I sure do. Sure, Jonathan has changed alliances twice now, but let's take a look at why...

The first time, he was in a 4-way alliance with Candice as his primary partner and the Yul / Becky alliance as the other two. When Jeff offered the opportunity for mutiny, Candice immediately stepped off the mat, forcing Jonathan to either stick with his primary alliance and piss off the others on the tribe (including Yul and Becky), OR leave Candice high and dry and lose his only solid alliance. He made the choice to stick with Candice. Nothing back-stabby there.

Then, when Yul told him that he had the immunity idol and that if he didn't switch back that Jonathan would be the next to go, Jonathan even tried to tell the others to vote for anyone but Yul. They didn't listen. Parvati just flipped her hair and said, "naw, he doesn't have it... he was only on exile island one day." Really, Parvati? 24 hours ain't enough to dig in the sand a little? Faced with stupid alliance partners who didn't believe he was in danger, he voted against them, his only choice if he wanted to stay in the game.

So there it is. And the guy is a very hard worker in camp to boot.

Adam is maybe the most nauseating of the three on the outside, fancying himself a little playboy with Candice and Parvati on each arm. He snuggles with Parvati even though he's Candice's main squeeze, telling both that there's enough Adam to go around. Thumbs down for this loser.

Now, what is up with the popularity poll -- Candice as #1 with 38%? Thank heavens the Yul-led foursome had the smarts to get rid of Candice. "Since when don't we... share food?" Since you stopped doing anything to help the tribe survive, that's when. That woman was like a walking lazy whining machine, and she's going to make someone very miserable someday. Hopefully Adam, they're perfect for each other.

The next two votes *should* be Adam and then Parvati, but who knows. I really, really hope that Adam and Parvati get randy on each and Candice gets to watch it all on TV. Please, let that happen.


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