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Am I The Only One?

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Let's Blame The Fans, Part Deux

Well! We still haven't seen any criminal charges files against any Indiana Pacers players for attacking fans of the Detroit Pistons last month, but never mind that. Let's go after those darn fans, shall we?

After all, one of them actually tossed a (gasp) plastic cup. Solid plastic, I tell you. Ron Artest might have actually felt a slight tap as the cup bounced off his chest. Fear not, citizens of the world-renown safe-haven of Detroit, this menace has been banned from the Palace. The other paying customer was banned for -- get ready -- walking on the basketball court. Walking on it. Man alive, this guy ought to be in jail.

Why stop there? I think the Palace should go after the guy that Artest mistakenly identified as the cup-thrower and slammed into the concrete floor. After all, he failed to flee fast enough so clearly he was guilty of something. Plus, he left his face right there Artest to grab for a floor-slam.

Oh, and what about the guy that was being helped up off the floor when he was crushed by O'Neil's right hook? I mean, if he hadn't been so slow to get off the floor then he wouldn't have been such a tempting helpless target for a professionally-trained millionaire athlete. What was O'Neil supposed to do, *not* suckerpunch someone who's already down?

This is the NBA, after all.


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