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Am I The Only One?

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Moral Issues and Exit Polls

Did it strike anyone else as odd that after exit polls were wildly incorrect in predicting a Kerry win, the same exit polls were used to "determine" that people voted for Bush because of moral issues?

Superstar blogger Ann Althouse has this take:
"Now, pundits are purporting to describe the state of mind of millions of human beings, and they've swooped down on religion, specifically fundamentalist Christian religion, and even more specifically, antipathy toward gay people. This explanation seems to be appealing to those who are disappointed that Kerry lost because it is a way of saying: there's nothing wrong with us, we lost because you are bad people. Folded into that idea is an assumption that antipathy toward gay people is an outrage, but antipathy toward fundamentalist Christians is completely acceptable."


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