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Am I The Only One?

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

CNN X's Cheney Off Their List

CNN flashed an X over Dick Cheney's face hitman-style on live TV yesterday, then apologized today.

Despite all the conspiracy theories put forth in the blogosphere, of course this was a mistake. Even the Clinton News Network would find a way to be more subtle than this.

Still... you know how sometimes people say something accidently that is truely rooted in their subconscious?

Mother-in-Law to Son-in-Law: "Well, I suppose I should get going before the rain starts... I don't want to drive off a bridge."

Son-in-Law: "Yes, you absolutely should. Err... not drive off a bridge, I mean, but get going. Um, not that I'm hurrying you out, of course! Just the thing about the bridge, we should don't want to see that..."

Could CNN's production staff have a subconcious that oozed onto the screen? After all, we didn't see an X over Hillary's face.

UPDATE: Well, then there is the small matter of a CNN employee caught on tape admitting that CNN was using it's right to free speech when it placed an X over Cheney's face, telling the rather strident and annoying caller to "tell the president you voted for to tell the truth." Find the link here.


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