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Am I The Only One?

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Bush-hating, Act II

Blogger Lioness has weighed in on the presidential election:

"Four more years. Four more long, scary, potentially devastating years. HAVE YOU BEEN COMATOSE? Bloody hell. DUMB as hell."

You gotta hand it to this gal, she has probably neatly summed up the feelings of a huge portion Europe and the west-friendly world. Her entry brought a smile to my face (as it usually does), but people with this view need to keep in mind that we were not picking between W and, say, Teddy Roosevelt. We had to pick between two less-that-great options. I'm not sure why people think Kerry would have been better for our friends on the other side of the pond.

And on the world court of opinion, let's give Dubya a fair shake: he responded to 9/11 swiftly, and the terrorists have not been able to stike America ever since (so far, at least).

So here's an open invitation to the Bush-whackers out there: Why do you hate the President? Drop me a note and I'll post the best reasons.

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