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Am I The Only One?

Friday, August 20, 2004

Is There An Althouse in the House?

Writer / blogger Ann Althouse, who recently returned home from a car trip, blogs today about the various theories put forth by other bloggers on which way she is going to vote in the presidential election. When I look back on my voting record, I have to say that there is a difference between who I wanted to vote for and who I voted for. Even the Libertarian candidates are generally not viable. Why can't we find good people to run for president? Maybe because the good candidates are smart enough to know not to run.

Random Sample From NPR: Several very good stories with no bias whatsoever, followed by commentary from Juan Williams. He was not introduced as "liberal commentator Juan Williams", even though that's what he does for his bread-n-butter -- he provides the view from the left for Fox News. NPR is always careful to introduce conservatives as "right-wing commentator so-and-so". I'm sure NPR is honestly blind to the inconsistency. Bias: slightly left.


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