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Am I The Only One?

Friday, June 16, 2006

Thirsty Criminals

Spotted this article on Ann Althouse's blog: Vandals drain desert water tanks intended for illegal immigrants

While many folks find it unconscionable to drain water tanks intended for illegal immigrants crossing the Arizona desert, it seems to be that it depends on who's land the tanks rest. If a landowner in southwest Arizona wants to put water tanks on his 200 acres, then it's clearly vandalism to trespass on his land to drain them.

However, if these tanks on left on public land, then it's the tank-fillers who are the criminals. They are providing those in Mexico with a false expectation that these tanks can be counted on to provide water for thier illegal crossing:

"Mich also says each week Humane Borders finds at least one or more of their 70 water tanks vandalized, an act these volunteers say can kill. 'If they're planning on getting their water at that location and they get there and there's no water, then the next time they could get water could be not before they die,' Saavedra said."

The main problem I see here is that these border crossers may now be *planning for* these water stations. The stations could be vandalized, but they could also be destroyed by wildlife or depleated by a previous group of crossers.

By placing these water stations, it seems that the burden is incumbant on the volunteers to ensure adequate water supplies.

It's probably better to just remove the stations and send a message south of the border: bring your own water.


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