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Am I The Only One?

Monday, June 19, 2006

More Unmarked Helicopters

I love a good conspiracy theory.

I've toyed with everything from JFK to UFO's, 9/11 missile-theories to crop circles, fluorinated water to pushup bras. Or so I thought....

A few days ago I ran across a reference to "chemtrails" in the sky. What the hell? Do they mean contrails left by airplanes? Well, I am now *all* up to speed on the latest, and as the theory goes, a top secret plan is afoot to spray our skys with chemicals for the purposes of weather control or, more cynically, for population control.

This tinfoil hat movement has no shortage of evidence to back their claims. This site contains lots of chemtrail photos from 1999-2000, including telephoto shots of a "Mega Sprayer" 757 in action. Another more polished site has an FAQ detailing the differences between contrails and chemtrails. (Of course, in reality, there isn't any.)

Perhaps the most entertaining theory surrounding chemtrails belongs to a fellow on a Dutch web server:

"The key to this penultimate battle is the coming ascension of planet Earth back into the fifth dimension, and the choice its people to either stay here in this dimension, or to go with it. The chemtrails fulfill that part of the Hopi prophecy spoken of about the Day of Purification when cobwebs would be spun in the skies."

Now I'm an obliging sort of fellow, so I thought I'd take a look up from my front porch at sunset a few nights ago, and lo! I grabbed my cell phone camera and snapped this photo of a perfect chemtrail...

It's a perfect specimen -- there's a defined start and stop point, where the Spraymaster turned the device on and off, and a feathery tail to boot.

(By the way... JFK was shot by the Russians, pass it on...)


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